One Step Quilting

I’ve been mulling it over for a good while now and I'm finally ready to announce a new service I’m offering. [Drum roll please!]

It’s called One Step Quilting.

One Step Quilting is a one step process for getting your quilt tops quilted. You hand me a quilt top and I’ll return you a quilt. It’s that simple.

What Will It Include?

-Picking (with your input) and purchasing the back

-Piecing and Squaring the back



-Any edge to edge design in my library


-Creating binding

-Machine Binding

How Much Will It Cost?

All these services will cost $75 flat fee, plus the cost of fabric and quilting (based on size). By bundling these services together rather than ordering them separately, you’re saving at least $50.

Who Is It For?

Now, I know that most people that follow me are quilters and this might seem a little strange since picking fabric and binding is something that they are more than capable of doing. I’m offering this service because there are some quilters that get totally overwhelmed by all the fluff that comes after piecing the top, which means they have stacks of unfinished quilt tops in their closet. And maybe they’re not even overwhelmed, they just are uninterested in that part (ahem, my sister). The top is the fun part anyway, right?

Here is a list of people that might benefit from One Step Quilting:

-Someone who likes making quilt tops and doesn’t want to bother with the finishing stuff

-A new quilter that is intimidated to bring her quilts to a longarmer

-Someone (quilter or not) who has inherited a quilt top from a family member

-Someone with an overflowing hoard of unfinished quilts

If you don’t fit into these categories, I still have my standard quilting services. But for anyone that felt like I've been speaking directly to them, I want to eliminate any roadblocks that would keep you from enjoying your quilts. Send me an email, DM, or request form on my website if this is something that would help you. Let’s get quilt tops out of closets and into use!

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